Thursday, April 12, 2012

Angel Food Kabobs

I posted this to Pintrest and it has already been re-pinned 3,695 times.  And they taste amazing!

1 Box Angel Food cake mix
1 lb fresh strawberries
Chocolate for drizzling (any kind you'd like. Milk, dark, or even white chocolate!)

Chocolate is optional.  Last time I didn't put chocolate on them and they were still amazing!

Bake Angel Food cake in 2 loaf pans as directed on box.  Rinse and slice strawberries into big chunks.  After cake has cooled, slice into 1 inch thick slices, and cut each slice into 6 pieces.  Put on a kabob stick alternating cake and strawberries.

To top with chocolate, melt chocolate of choice in a microwaveable bowl.  Pour melted chocolate into a ziplock baggie and cut the tip off.  Use the bag to drizzle chocolate over the kabobs.

You could also try brownie bites instead of angel food cake.

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