Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crock Pot Beef Brisket - Amazing & Simple!!

Beef Brisket (I usually have them cut it into half or fourths at the meat counter-can adjust amount of sauce to amount of meat as desired.  I like a lot of sauce!)

Trim meat of excess fat.  There will be a lot!  Get as much off as possible.

Sprinkle meat with Garlic Salt, Pepper, Seasoned Salt, and Onion Salt

Put in crock pot. 
Put in 1/2 bottle of ketchup (Or as much as you want)
3 T Worchestershire Sauce
1 can Cola (Coke or Pepsi or off brand)

Cook on low for 12 or more hours.  I usually put on before bed and let it cook until lunch time. 

Serve over rice and enjoy!  It's a wonderful family recipe!!

Sauce is usually a little runny.  You can add more ketchup or thicken it yourself with cornstarch or something. 

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