Monday, June 6, 2011


 Upstairs bedroom #1, the largest bedroom.  Window faces 4th St)
 Back of the same room
 Closet is the biggest room ans crawl space (goes above the stairs)
 crawl space
 Hallway, view from the largest bedroom door.
 Bedroom #2
 View from bedroom #2 looking towards the biggest bedroom.  The door on the left is the other bedroom.  Straight ahead is the biggest room.  The bathroom (can't see it) is on the right.
 Bathroom.  The shower is behind the door.
 Below is room #3

 Above is the view from the bathroom door.  To the right would be the biggest bedroom, and straight ahead and to the right are the stairs.
 Above is the bathroom off the kitchen.  Only a toilet and sink. Its right next to the back door.
 Above is the entrance to the kitchen, below is the cupboards, etc.
 Below is the eating area in the ktichen.

 This is the front and back view of the living room.  The view above is facing 4th St.

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