Thursday, January 6, 2011

Turkey Divan

This is DELICIOUS!!!
1 Head of broccoli
16 pieces turkey breast lunch meat (not thinly sliced)
8 slices swiss cheese

1 cup whipping cream
2 t chicken soup base
1/2 c parmesan cheese

Cut head of broccoli into long spears.  Use two spears for each piece of meat.  Steam the broccoli so it's still firm and bright green.  DO NOT OVERCOOK!! 

Using a slice of meat, put 1/2 a slice of swiss cheese on one end, lay two broccoli spears side by side with the flower portion on opposite ends, sticking out on the end of the piece of meat. (this is not how it's shown above, but it's how I do it)  Roll up the meat and place in a flat baking dish close together.

In a sauce pan, combine whipping cream, and soup base until bubbly.  Once mixture gets hot, mix in parmesan cheese and heat until bubbly.  Pour over meat rolls and bake 300-325 for 20-30 minites.  If they are hot but not nicely browned, you can use the broiler for a few seconds, but watch it closely.

Let sit a few minutes to cool slightly.  They will be very hot!  Scoop up extra sauce and spoon over rolls as you serve. 

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