Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Green Beans

Looking for a nice side dish for company?  Here are my two favorite versions of Green beans.  One for canned beans and one for fresh.

Version 1-  Fresh green beans

Green beans - fresh and snapped
Olive oil
Fresh minced garlic
Almonds (optional)
Salt - to taste

In a skillet or wok, toast almonds.  Set aside.  Using same skillet or wok, add oil, garlic and green beans and stir fry until beans are very tender.  Salt to taste, add toasted almonds and serve immediately. 

Version 2- Canned green beans

1 can green beans per 2-3 people
onion soup mix  (1 and 1/2 T per can of beans)
butter (optional)

Mix together green beans and onion soup mix.  Microwave until warm.  Or you can heat beans in their juices on the stove, drain, and then add the soup mix.  Add butter if desired.  This is an easy and delicious way to give an everyday vegetable a little make-over. 

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